Topic: Why?

Why bring tagmonkey back?

Because it’s 2021 and IMHO nothing today has the same feel & sense of community that tagmonkey provided over the years.

Will this just die off again like X time when it was resurrected?

Everything is impermanent, but I will keep this online as long as I have money in the bank and I, myself, haven’t expired.

tagmonkey circa '04 – '06, here to do some art and practice necromancy

Re: Why?

I'm glad this place is back. Always think of it and GuildInn and BFX and all those great places like my anime review website I miss dearly and the friend I made it with (no clue where he has gone).

I'll try to pop by as often as I can, and a good excuse to make random art again.

Re: Why?

I got randomly got nostalgic for forums (and fancy forum rectangles) and decided to search for this place.  Glad to see it revived.  I dropped in sometimes/lurked a bit in like ’06-’08 when I was into making tags (it was always a bit intimidating to post lol) and was I think maybe marginally more active on one of the later revivals (2014 or so?).

Hope people continue to find their way here.