Failure to adhere to these will result in probation and/or bans.

  1. You must be at least 13 years of age, or a convincing liar.
  2. Don't steal art. If you claim ownership of something that can be proven as the work of another person (member of TM or not), there will be repercussions. Punishment may include but is not limited to: renaming, banning, ridicule, calling your parents and telling them what you do at night.
  3. Respect other people's work, regardless of your personal opinion of said work. Should you want to edit, and then display on TM the edited work, please consult the original artist beforehand.
  4. Don't be a jerk. Especially to the admins. Seriously. We (and by 'we', I mean PenPen) are (is) working hard to keep the Tagmonkey both operational and free.
  5. No posting of links to warez, or open warez discussions.
  6. Obey any and all sub-forum rules.
  7. No multiple accounts.
  8. No name changes.
  9. No explicit pornography. Artistic use of nudity is tolerable but if you are unsure if your work applies, please consult a moderator or admin first.
  10. Any kind of 'spam' is to be kept within Mango Mansion. Even Mango has its limits. Spam in the sense of fun is allowed there, posts with no other point than to irritate and boost post counts will be deleted. Spam found in any boards outside of Mango will be dealt with appropriatly.
  11. No linking to snuff/gore films. Keep it clean.
  12. No forum advertising, if you don't have a really good reason.