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I been wondering, I've known you people at this forum for quite some time now and I feel as though if we put our knowledge and skill together we can develop a game I've got a couple game development plans set for the future and in order for me to execute I'm going to need a helping hand anyone interested? PM me wave at me DM me call my phone (345)9177300 contact me if you think you pose an aspect to this situation it would be nice to sit you monkey's down to a game development project. I won't be able to provide you all with the projects technical aspects such as computers or software you'll have to do that on your own but it'll be a project where we have a server and we pass data to each other until finished If you think your not ready for game development but you have it in mind I can show you the ropes get in contact with me I'm here to help you. smile smile big_smile wink cool

P.S. The first game I'm going to be working on is called Chameleo it deals with the elements of life Fire Water Wind Earth if I could round up enough people it'll be a huge game somewhere around 400 gb here's an image of Chameleo https://i.postimg.cc/pdSy57Gy/Official-Chameleo-Game-Development.png It'll have a huge map and riveting storyline. If you can help me out I can help you out.


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LIEND smile wink


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https://i.postimg.cc/kMZ7jrTc/20210913-105401.jpg KINGDOM HEARTS WORLD

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Chameleo Mini Boss smile cool roll


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Seeing the script in C++ makes me wonder, should Chameleo do a extra swing of his sword on button press it would be cool if it was untimely so you get a extra hit boss battles would be stellar in motion